Monday, October 27, 2014

Future Judgements

This week our Pastor Shane, continuing our study on Eschatology, shows us the contrast between the future judgements of "The Great White Throne" and "The Judgement Seat of Christ".
Which will you be attending?

The Future Judgements

Past Messages and Series

Please visit our past messages if you missed a couple of Sundays.

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Image 1Image 2 , Image 3 , Image 4 , Image 5 -Shane Nease
Image 1Image 2 -Shane Nease
10-05-2014 "Tribulation Events" -Shane Nease
10-12-2014 "Rapture" -Shane Nease

Monday, October 20, 2014

To Have The Heart Of A Lutheran Farmer

This week our Youth Pastor Justin Carpenter talks about supporting and appreciating your Pastor and Elders with respect and honor in this weeks Sermon,
To Have The Heart Of A Lutheran Farmer.